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What to Expect as a New Patient

We at Kaul Family Chiropractic would like to welcome you into our practice and our family!

We are here to help you in every way possible and are always available to answer questions or to provide you education on reaching total health and wellness.

Before your first visit you will be asked to complete a health survey online which will provide our doctors and therapists your health history and other important information about your current state of health. If you cannot access the online survey, please come to the office forty-five minutes prior to your first appointment so you will have plenty of time to finish the survey.


During your new patient appointment the Doctor will do a complete chiropractic examination that will include range of motion, orthopedic, and postural evaluations. The Doctor will review your pertinent medical history and any symptoms you have been experiencing, and go over any X-ray or MRI findings you provided to our office. It is the goal of this exam to not only evaluate your current state of health, but also to determine how chiropractic care will best meet your long-term health goals.


After the examination, a licensed Chiropractic Assistant may apply moist heat to the areas of your chief complaint for 8 to 10 minutes. They will then spend 8 to 10 minutes massaging the muscles surrounding that area. These therapies—the heat and the massage—help your body prepare for a successful adjustment to the spine. The Doctor will then return to the room and adjust your spine using the technique best suited for your body and your state of health. The Doctor might also prescribe additional soothing therapies to help your body calm down if you came into the office in acute distress. Therapeutic ultrasound sends a low vibration directly into the tissues, creating a mini-massage at the cellular level that helps reduce inflammation and increase range of motion. If the Doctor feels that ultrasound would help your condition, after you and the Doctor finish discussing the Doctor’s recommendations, the Chiropractic Assistant will return and perform the therapeutic ultrasound on the location specified by the Doctor.

Treatment is interactive in all parts and we encourage you to vocalize any questions or concerns at any time!

Report of Findings

After your initial examination and treatment, the Doctor will discuss with you a detailed report of findings. This time is to talk about the Doctor’s recommendations for treatment options and frequency of adjustments that will best relieve your pain and discomfort, help you heal the best from your injury or trauma, and create the best plan that optimizes your future total health and wellness. The Doctor will also discuss specific additional at-home therapies you can do to help your body, such as ice, heat, self-massage, stretching, or exercise.

Your total health is a choice, and your health today is an investment in your future self. We want to give you the best care possible and provide you with the information you need to live life to the fullest. We are your partners in this, and you are now a part of our Kaul Family!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do we allow walk-ins? We do allow walk-in patients providing there is room in our schedule for that day, but being a busy office we will often need you to schedule it. Due to the time required for quality treatment, new patient or re-exam appointments typically do require an appointment and it is best to call and schedule in advance.

What should I bring to my first appointment? You should make sure your health survey is completed and submitted to our office before your initial visit. You also need to bring any insurance information necessary for our office to process your claim.

If you have had a recent Auto Injury or Workman’s Compensation Injury you will need the following items: billing information for the insurance policy, your adjustor’s name and phone number, date of injury, and claim number. These items must be brought to your first visit.

How often will treatment be needed? Every injury or person’s body is different. The frequency and types of treatment will be recommended by our Doctors based on your state of wellness.

Does chiropractic treatment hurt? The answer is no. There may be a slight soreness similar to a workout soreness that can occur post treatment, but the adjustment itself is gentle.